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We provide peace mind for insurance policyholders with property damage claims and for our select commercial clientele.

The effects of a property disaster intensify hour-by-hour. That’s why Westurn Slope Construction is prepared to help at the beginning of a disaster.

We can help contain the situation, or we will work with your mitigation provider, and then roll seamlessly into the repair and the build-back phase. When you hire our services, you will eliminate the typical and costly lag-time that happens between mitigation companies and regular contractors.

Don't Let Environmental Damage Ruin Your Property

For property owners and managers damage to a commercial property can lead to a loss of income, concerns about occupant safety, and even the complications of potential litigation. These problems are compounded when the source of the damage was caused by a fire, or dirty water, or microbial contamination such as mold.

To mitigate these risks, Westurn Slope Construction carefully follows stringent repair and construction protocols and practices excellent communication by keeping all parties informed of the progress.

Westurn Slope Construction

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Damages We Specialize in Resolving:

Fire & Soot

Repairing fire and soot damage is an advanced process. We remove the damage, restore structural integrity, and rebuild the cosmetic beauty of the damaged property.


Even small water flooding events can leave hidden moisture trapped within building materials. We know what to look for and how to resolve all problems caused by a water intrusion.


We follow strict cleanup procedures and maintain safe indoor air quality standards when we repair sewage damaged structures.


As a Colorado contractor, we're experienced in repairing roofs, decks, and structures impacted by snow and ice.


Wind can be a highly destructive force. We stand ready to perform the necessary repairs to roofs, fences, decks, and structures.


Mold and microbial contamination are overwhelming challenges for most contractors. Not for Westurn Slope, we're experts in restoring mold damaged properties.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is invasive. Often, we determine the structural deficiency that caused the dry rot and correct this during the reconstruction.

Trauma & Hoarding

Replacing or matching decorative finishes is a major aspect of repairing trauma or hoarder locations. We excel at finish work. We're also highly respectful of the emotional sensitivity of these situations.


We're fully licensed, insured, and experienced in the safe removal of Asbestos in residential and public buildings.

Client Success Stories

Severe Fire & Smoke Damage
An electrical fire badly damaged the entire interior of this house of worship. Westurn Slope Construction removed ruined contents, some for disposal, others for salvage. Next, we performed a controlled demolition of the fire and smoke-damaged structural materials such as sheetrock, insulation, and floor coverings. Debris removal was managed to keep the exterior grounds clean. We carefully saved the plumbing and electrical systems that were not fire damaged and left the space ready for reconstruction.
Tight Water Repair Schedule
Ironically, a water flooding detection system failed and sent false alarms. An inspector turned the water to the house off to check out the plumbing system. Unfortunately, a hot water valve was unknowingly left in the open position and caused severe water and steam damage when the water to the house was turned back on. This damage was discovered by a property manager several days later. We satisfied an extremely tight repair window. The moisture cleanup and necessary repairs were completed, on time, in just five days.
Flooding Interrupts Businesses
A record setting deluge sent contaminated ground water into the first floor of this mixed-use office building. We removed the water and mud. Then we removed and replaced areas of affected carpeting and manufactured wood flooring. HEPA air filtration equipment was brought in and was installed to maintain safe indoor-air-quality. All non-affected portions of flooring were covered and protected. We worked quickly to finish the repairs to the damaged floors and walls so the tenants could return their businesses to full operation.

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