Illegal-Grows Houses Cause Serious Property Damage

Grow Houses Ruin Floors and So Much More.

Growing marijuana may be legal but that has not slowed down the number of illegal growers in Montrose and surrounding communities. Illegal Pot growers attempt to avoid taxes and skirt the laws and restrictions established by the State of Colorado. The potential profitability from illegal growing lures many people
into breaking the law despite the risk.

Sadly, the damage to the indoor environment in a grow house can be so severe that the federal government regards children living is such an environment as subject to legal protections under the child endangerment act.

When growers rent a house for the indoor cultivating of marijuana, the structure will often suffer from excessive water damage, mold, and dry rot on floors, walls, and even the ceilings. Spillage occurs as the growers’ water their plants. The indoor temperate and humidity will rise to levels that super supports mold growth. Molds will infect the HVAC systems and the non-growing rooms in the structure too. The deterioration and danger to a residential or commercial type of building can be astounding.

  • Hazardous chemicals from fertilizer
  • Overloaded electrical circuits
  • Discarded propane cylinders (used for wintertime heating)
  • Abandoned debris
  • Mold and dry rot

Westurn Slope Construction has experience in cleaning-up grow houses and rebuilding the damaged structure. We can help with the healthy cleanup, controlled demolition, and complete build back project. Our team will manage the project from start to finish, including cleaning the HVAC system. For grow house repair, or any other property damage repair throughout the western slope region, you can count on Westurn Slope Construction to make the restoration repair process easier. <PHONE NUMBER>