Meth Labs in the Western Slope Area are Difficult Repair Challenges

Meth Fumes Contaminate the Entire Structure

The toxic fumes from ‘cooking’ Methamphetamines will permeate plaster and wood leaving dangerous toxic residue cleanup and repair challenges. The acids and chemicals used in a meth-cook will also ruin many of the cosmetic and structural surfaces. The fumes and residues are a health risk to humans. The vapors will enter HVAC systems and attack carpets and textiles too. In some cases, the contamination and odor from the meth lab is so strong it is detected by neighbors and causing them to call the police, so the law enforcement officers can bust the meth cooks.

As the landlord or property manager stuck with the cleanup and reconstruction problem, you usually hear about the meth lab from the police. In most cases, you will be escorted through the property by the police. It’s always best to let the police authorities take charge. However, if you enter on your own, you must be careful when you’re inside the lab-cook space. Touch nothing! It’s a crime scene. Be aware that many meth labs are often rigged with booby traps to harm rival gangs or police officers when they enter the space. Once the police arrive on scene, they will debug the location and make it ready for the cleanup and for
restoration companies to do their work.

You can be assured, when we are called to a scene, our team follows the OSHA rules and regulations that apply to hazardous work environments. Removing, cleaning, or replacing these damaged and toxic laden materials and surfaces is performed by technicians and carpenters who are suited up in Tyvek protective clothing. Our employees know what it takes to get the job done correctly. Clearly, performing a demolition and reconstruction job to restore a house or building contaminated by meth is not for an inexperienced contractor. Instead, you need to look for a qualified contractor such as, Westurn Slope Construction.

  • Experienced in this service
  • Understands and follows EPA and OSHA guidelines
  • Prepares a score and written estimate
  • Works with an Industrial Hygienist as needed
  • Properly disposes of contaminated materials

The reconstruction and cleanup crews at Westurn Slope Construction are experienced in containing the damage and efficiently and safely solving this complicated process. Our team serves Montrose and the entire surrounding region. For assistance with cleaning up a meth lab, or other difficult property repairs, please, call today at 123-4567. We’re here to remove the burden of this serious property damage.